Now more Colombians can be certified for free in technology skills from Oracle University

With the aim of responding to the needs of the labor market, Oracle University, a virtual learning platform, is extending the term free certification in cloud infrastructure (OCI), databases (Oracle Autonomous Database) and other existing topics, such as cybersecurity. The platform has more than 100 services for the cloud part and has developed solutions for all profiles and professional roles.

For Eric Gillarty, Senior Director of Sales for Latin America at Oracle University, there are three primary reasons for gaining access to one of these certifications: “The first is that certifications allow you to be on the cutting edge of technological developments; the second is that through our programs the student can demonstrate agility and change In the market, and thirdly, the courses open the door to the specific knowledge required by the labor market and turn them into distinguished professionals.

In Latin America, the number of people on the way to a degree is nearly 26,000 students so far, and Colombia is the third country with the largest number of students enrolled. This initiative seeks to prepare qualified professionals for the requirements of the IT market and make them more attractive to employers. According to a study by PwC, 76% of CEOs are concerned about a lack of digital skills within their workgroups.

Likewise, the platform courses seek to train leaders who are able to innovate through technology within organizations. According to Reuters, 86% of the top-performing companies in the market report that digital training programs increase employee engagement and increase productivity.

Oracle University offers new possibilities for employability with no restrictions on courses by age or by field of training. People who access the platform will be able to choose the certification that best suits their interests and will have three attempts to complete the exam leading to certification, in order to provide greater chances of success.

Fabiano Matos, Director of Oracle in Colombia and Ecuador, stresses that this is a great moment because the industry in general and Oracle in particular provides many opportunities for training and education in the skills required by Industry 4.0. For this reason, he says, “I am proud that more Colombians are interested in these courses and want to enter the dynamics of new markets with the skills that new businesses require. Learning about cloud, databases and cybersecurity is undoubtedly an advantage for getting better jobs and opportunities. I am very excited that we have extended Certification opportunity until February.

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