Noticias Tolima: Mayor Andrés Hurtado presented the scales of his international tour | ipaji

Mayor Andres Hurtado has communicated through his social networks Balance what his visit to Panama and Budapest, the capital of Hungary, left for Ibaguetrips as part of the city’s participation as the American Capital of Culture 2022.

The local chief confirmed it For example, at ExpoComer 2022 held in Panama City, businessmen and entrepreneurs from the region had the opportunity to make business agreementsIn addition, a meeting was held with Eduardo Burgos, the Colombian ambassador to this country, with whom an agenda was set to improve the connection of Perales airport, with the aim that the airline of Cuba would consider the capital of Tolima as a travel destination.

For its part, in Europe, He took part in the percussion festival, and there he met the Colombian ambassador to Hungary, Carmenza Jaramillo., where he had the opportunity to share governmental experiences and strengthen relations between Budapest and Ibago, for the benefit of the city’s international projection. In this meeting, three topics were discussed: university scholarships in various fields of knowledge, agricultural innovation and the cultural agenda.

“We will work on three important aspects in terms of Undergraduate scholarships in the field of hydraulics and environmental sustainability are very strong in this aspect in agreement with Icetex and the Hungarian EmbassyAnd in the same way to internationalize products like coffee, granadilla, cape grapes, and goluba, which are also preferred in this part of the world,” Hurtado said.

You have to remember that In approving the permit by the council, there was an obligation to report to the council by the mayor When these two international flights leave for the city.

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