No Nacion / There are 3,000 university scholarships

Next Friday, February 11th, the registration period ends for high school graduates from across the country who are interested in competing for one of the 3,000 undergraduate scholarships offered by Itaipu Binational in the 2022 call.

As of yesterday, around 9,006 registrations were reported, of which 7,299 were completed successfully and 1,707 were incomplete. The online form is available at Daniel Ramirez Brizuela, Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant at Entity, highlighted in communication with the high level of engagement, in accordance with the trend of previous years, which reaffirms the positive perception of this scholarship award process. Ramirez also indicated the obligation to read and accept the terms of this selection process, which are detailed in the Guide to the Rules and Conditions (GBC), located in the box next to registration, on the Itaipu website. It is also recommended to log very carefully to ensure correct data recording.

In the Medical and Health Sciences cluster, there are eight undergraduate career options; The Natural, Agricultural, and Agricultural Sciences group offers fifteen other professions; While the Engineering and Technology group has 25 professions to choose from. Finally, the Social Sciences and Humanities group comprises a total of fifteen courses of study. Inquiries may be directed to WhatsApp for messages, (0974) 601-300; Or to e-mail:

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