Nine Latin American students are pursuing postgraduate studies at the University of Uruguay

The Minister of Equality, Participation and the 2030 Agenda of the Government of La Rioja, Raquel Romero, and the Vice-Chancellor for Corporate Social Responsibility of the University of La Rioja, Fabiola Portillo, held a meeting on Monday with the nine students who are studying for a master’s degree at UR thanks to the Development Cooperation Scholarship Program for Undergraduate Masters Degrees Official University of La Rioja.

This program is the result of the cooperation agreement signed on 2 June between the Autonomous Community of La Rioja, through the Ministry of Equality, Participation and Agenda 2030, the University of La Rioja and the Association of Ibero-American Postgraduate University (AUIP).

Of the nine selected students, two are working on a master’s degree in data science and machine learning, three are an MBA and four are in chemistry and biotechnology. Regarding countries of origin, five are from Colombia, three are from Ecuador and one is from Peru.

Raquel Romero highlighted after the meeting that this program demonstrates the regional government’s unwavering commitment to public universities, as well as training qualified professionals in La Rioja to deal with the accelerating changes that are occurring globally.

For her part, the Vice President for Corporate Social Responsibility at the University of Uruguay indicated that this initiative contributes to the training of university professors, scientists and professionals at the postgraduate and doctoral levels, with high academic quality standards. With this supporting structure that benefits the people selected through the AUIP Academic Scholarship Program annually, the University of La Rioja reinforces its firm commitment to development cooperation. All this thanks to the close cooperation with the Ministry of Equality and Participation and Agenda 2030 of the Government of La Rioja.

The Development Cooperation Scholarship Program for Completion of Official Undergraduate Master’s Degrees at the University of La Rioja aims to award ten scholarships to professors, researchers or alumni of Latin American universities associated with AUIP, interested in pursuing an official master’s degree at the University of La Rioja during the 2021-2022 academic year.

The economic assistance received by the beneficiaries consists of a fixed amount of relocation and residence; Accommodation and meals assistance of up to €800 from October 2021 to July 2022, plus tuition fee assistance.

For the selection of recipients of assistance, criteria were taken into account, such as academic record and the origin of one of the priority or preferential countries included in the development cooperation plan of the Government of La Rioja.

The Association of Ibero-American University Postgraduate Studies – AUIP- is an international non-governmental organization recognized by UNESCO, dedicated to the promotion of postgraduate and doctoral studies in Ibero-America, among which the University of La Rioja has extensive experience and capabilities in international management. It currently consists of more than 247 prestigious higher education institutions from Spain, Portugal, Latin America and the Caribbean.

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