New Round of Scholarships for College “Dreamers” and TPS Recipients | immigration | USA Edition

TheDream.US, the largest scholarship program for young immigrants in the United States, announced on Monday a new round of scholarship applications with the goal of awarding 50% more financial aid so they can study at “Dreamers” university and be protected by TPS.

In addition to the opening of the scholarship application period for the 2022-2023 academic year, the organization also announced a target to enroll 1,500 new students, a 50% increase in scholarships awarded compared to previous years.

In order to look forward to this assistance, applicants must be young immigrants with or without Deferred Action (DACA) or Temporary Protected Status (TPS) recipients who arrived in the United States before age 16 and before November 1, 2016.

Under its goal of increasing the percentage of immigrant youth graduating from college, TheDream.US has partnered with more than 70 universities in 21 states and Washington, DC.

Among the new centers with which it has agreements are the Universities of Nevada at Las Vegas, Wingate (North Carolina), Cabrini (Pennsylvania) and Farmingdale (New York).

TheDream.US has already offered more than 7,500 college scholarships to young immigrants who are enrolled in more than 70 universities and have more than 2,100 alumni.

Gabi Pacheco, director of advocacy, communications and development at TheDream.US, highlighted that these scholarships help young immigrants who are “highly motivated in their pursuit of higher education.”

He said 2,100 college graduates from TheDream.US demonstrate that this type of aid “transforms lives” and strengthens the country as a whole, as they include nurses, teachers, computer scientists, scientists and entrepreneurs, among others.

TheDream.US will offer two types of scholarships depending on where the applicant lives: either the so-called National Scholarship, for first-time college students or community college graduates, and the Opportunity Scholarship, intended for young people living in specific and excluded states. Where they do not have access to state tuition fees.

The National Scholarship, whose application deadline is February 28, 2022, must be used to pay tuition and fees up to $16,500 for an associate’s degree and $33,000 for a bachelor’s degree.

For its part, the Opportunity Scholarship provides up to $80,000 to cover tuition, college fees, and on-campus room and board for a bachelor’s degree. The deadline in this case is January 31, 2022.

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