Nation / Itaipu will offer 3000 undergraduate scholarships for the period 2022

The Itaipu National Undergraduate Scholarship Program will reward outstanding young people with limited economic resources from across the national territory for their academic merits with a total of 3,000 full scholarships to offer for the period 2022.

The official launch will be tomorrow, Tuesday, December 21 at 10:00 at the company’s building in Asuncion, and will also be broadcast on Itaipu’s social networks.

On this occasion, details will be announced regarding each stage of the process of this call, which from next year will again be managed exclusively by the binational entity and no longer allied with Becal, as in previous operations.

The university scholarships to be launched are aimed at graduates of academic promotions for 2019, 2020 and 2021, from public, private and subsidized schools, who will be able to apply for one of the 3,000 economic support for Itaipu studies.

The filters for accessing this advantage are proof of economic insolvency and academic excellence in the high school period. Stages are scored via the web, which will be enabled for students from all schools, with an average of 4.00 or more. In addition, they must take a basic skills test in mathematics and Spanish, and the final part of the process consists of an assessment of the applicants’ socioeconomic status.

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The call for scholarships has two categories: priority and supplementary. Priority is given to applicants with a family income of up to seven minimum wages; While supplemental, for those with a median income of 4.50 and family income up to 13 minimum wages. This last category is activated when the priority category does not use all available places.

Persons with disabilities and members of Indigenous communities, duly accredited by the National Secretariat for Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities (SENADES) and the National Institute of Indigenous Peoples (INDI) respectively, have affirmative action, i.e. they will have a reasonable measure of adjustment of demand levels in addition to guaranteed places .

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Itaipu scholarships include financial stipends for students in public universities, and cover all academic fees for students in private universities. The entire process will be organized in accordance with the specifications of the Basic Guide and the terms of the 2022 Call for Itaipu Scholarships.

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