Municipal grants overrun, there is anger – El Sol de San Juan del Río

The huge demand for a scholarship from the municipality of San Juan del Rio exceeded 14,000 pages available through the two sites, namely Cecuco and Maquío Sports Unit, with dozens of people expressing their discontent on Wednesday morning.

Since last Monday, application capture schedules have been installed to register for this program, which is intended to provide financial support to basic and higher level students in the municipality.

And it was about 10:30 a.m. this Wednesday when the kidnappers argued that the pages had been completed, and there morale began to heat up, because in some cases the parents had spent the night at the site.

According to Rosalpa Ruiz Ramos, Mayor of Social Development, the operating rules were clear and were published before the electoral ban, so only 12,000 students will benefit, taking into account various factors and under the comprehensive review conducted by the staff in this district.

“We reached the limit of requests we had, which was 14,000 and they were all submitted, the mayor gave us the order to make more pages. The operating rules were very clear, specifying that only 12,000 beneficiaries would enter (the program), and that’s just mentioned in the budget “.

Despite this, he announced that, on the instructions of the mayor, the papers were expanded, and the granting of tokens continued until 2:00 PM yesterday.

It should be noted that according to the official, many people even slept outside the lounges in order to be entitled to one of the pages and later, to be taken into account as beneficiaries.

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