More young people are joining the Padre Chivri Scholarship Program

April 10, 2022 – 02:10
The Alfarcito Foundation continues to sow opportunities in Quebrada del Toro for young people who wish to pursue higher education. They need to cooperate.

This is a year with new hopes for the Padre Chivri Scholarships. The new young people of Quebrada del Toro want to be able to study a university career or a major to improve themselves and obtain the knowledge that will allow them to return to the hills for work. This is the dream of Chiffrey, the priest who left his soul in the narrow valley, and who sowed among the lonely inhabitants of El Toro the anxiety of overcoming him to avoid being uprooted. Today those seeds seem to be blooming.

“In 2021 we were very satisfied with the young scholarship recipients, four of whom graduated, two as nurses, one as a police officer and one as a psychologist. This was an achievement for those who trusted them and the Padre Chifri Scholarship Program at the Alfarcito Foundation,” said Carlos Figueroa. , spokesperson for the entity established by the deceased priest.

He added, “This year we want to double our bet on studying and improving the youth of the hills, and making it possible to realize the dream of Father Al-Chefry, which is to promote education and work to develop the economy of the place.”

Looking to the future

This year, a large number of young people are interested in starting their university studies with the support of the Padre Chivri Scholarship. “We have done individual interviews with all of them, we have discovered a great interest in improving themselves for a degree and they show a great entrepreneurial spirit. But to realize these opportunities, we need the support and generosity of companies, groups of friends or people who want to collaborate financially with the Padre Chifri scholarship project.” “Or sponsoring a young person,” Figueroa said, adding, “Scholarships don’t just consist of a financial solution for each student. We track performance in studies, we help them with special learning needs, we solve any health, accommodation or subjects issue.”

Figueroa stressed, “The thing we consider essential is emotional containment due to the changing environment, they come from a quiet place, very different from urban centres. We want the process of adaptation to be harmonious and to focus on studying and not feel lonely or helpless, without the protection of the family.”

support squad

So far in 2022, a multidisciplinary team has been set up so that the Padre Chivre Scholarship Program continues to grow, and is chaired and coordinated by psychoeducator Maria Olmos, a former scholarship recipient from the Foundation, as well as Paula Zapata, former director of the Colegio Secundario de Montaña of the Persianto Daniel Lopez , board member and secretary of Alfarcito Mountain High School, and Agustina Rosado, CEO of the Alfarcito Foundation. They also have support from educational psychologist Esther Cornejo, members of the foundation’s board of directors, volunteers, and friends.

Initial meeting

The first meeting with the scholarship recipients, young people who have finished high school and wish to continue their university studies with the support of the “Padre Chivre” scholarship program of the Alvarcito Foundation, took place in the home of the Zaniello family, Fernando and Marcela, who are always looking after the needs of the youth of the hills. Carlos Figueroa commented, “They were very close friends of Father Chiffrey, they have accompanied him since the beginning of his work in the hills and today they feel very committed to continuing his work.”

He said that “the young men were very shy in the first moments of the encounter, then because of the warmth of Zaniellos, Agustina Rosado Montalbeti, the mentor and counselor for the boys, as well as the presence of Magdalena Olmos (who was a fellow and now works as a psychological teacher supporting the new scholarship recipients), they left and merged At the beginning of the presentation, they were informed that the goals of the Foundation are: to form a trustworthy group in which everyone is comfortable, academic performance and work in solidarity with the Hill Families.”

He recounted: “Each one introduced himself saying his name, what are his expectations from the group, expressing some of his personality traits, what is the strongest influence in his life, and finally what is the desire of each individual in his year. This helped to feel more comfortable, and gain confidence within the group We sat down to share some soft drinks and some delicious pudding, it was a moment when we were able to have a relaxing conversation, recounting the memories we had with Father Scheffrey, and their experiences in the hills.”

“From Fundación Alfarcito we want, not only to study and graduate, but also to feel companion and that changing the environment is as pleasant as possible. We invite all those who want to do good, to add their contribution to this noble cause,” concluded Figueroa.

Desire to do good

In their perpetual struggle to do good, as Father Chiffrey taught them, they called upon the Alvarsetto Foundation for solidarity.
We are seeking financial aid to support undergraduate studies for young people from The Hills.
We hope you will join this new challenge that we are ready to take, knowing that we will get very important results, always blessed by Father Chiffrey from Heaven.
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