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More Scholarships for Continuing Training and Professional Recycling

Life changes, movement, constant training and professional recycling facilitate this development and are able to advance at the pace set by society. In addition, in a time like the present, as covid-19 has accelerated the process of digital transformation and changed the order of things as we have known it thus far, it is necessary to provide employees with training and professional retraining that allows them to acquire new technological skills and provide added value.

Today profiles with a clear technological base and flexibility are in demand. For this reason, continuous training, with a focus on digitization, has become one of the most effective tools for promoting adaptation to new business models that are constantly emerging and to the emerging work environment. An environment in which, according to the World Economic Forum’s “Future of Jobs 2020” report, automation and a new division of labor between people and machines, combined with increased demand for professionals in the green and digital economy, will create nearly 97 million jobs. and a new job in the labor market by 2025.

Professional Video Editing Professional Takes Online Course To Increase Her Training


‘reshape’ and ‘volatility’

As a responsible bank committed to the advancement of society, Banco Santander has developed its scholarship program to adapt to ever-evolving needs, to focus on continuous training and professional recycling through two main tools: refinishing or professional recycling, upskilling or additional exercise.

These scholarships are aimed at both students and young professionals seeking to recycle themselves to adapt to a new environment or change their career path. Many entity programs aim to increase the employability of individuals and promote continuous learning.

Through the Universities of Santander, the entity allocated in 2020 110 million euros to higher education. Santander Scholarships make it easy to reorient your career, improve vocational training or continue training

In short, these are programs that allow participants to improve their skills, creativity, personal productivity, emotional intelligence, problem solving, among other aspects, and adapt to a globalized and changing world.

More help for young people

After more than a year of the pandemic and the social and economic consequences of the health crisis, Banco Santander – in all the countries in which it operates – maintains its commitment to higher education through Santander universities with an investment of $110 million in 2020 alone and more than 2,000 million in 25 years of Experience.

In addition, it has developed its scholarship programs to adapt to the most urgent needs in the current context: reducing youth unemployment, which currently stands at 40%; Strengthening entrepreneurial talents and facilitating equal opportunities for access to studies, as key factors to contribute to progress and exit from the crisis.

What is “Skill Refinement” and “Skill Upgrading”?

The refine It is a phenomenon consisting of the professional recycling of employees that arises from the digitization of companies, which requires teams with technical training in order to be able to deal with the innovative elements and processes that are being combined and to be able to do a different job. Thus, it consists in learning new skills to improve the adaptation of the worker and training him for new positions inside or outside the company. Thus, the renewal of knowledge is launched to update it and the ability to innovate and integrate digital processes so that the professional can carry out tasks different from those they are developing at the time.

The Skills development It consists of learning new skills and knowledge for the same jobs that the employee performs on a regular basis. Therefore, it is considered as a system of additional training and education aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the tasks performed by the said professional in his/her usual job.

How to Promote “Skill Refinement” and “Skill Improvement”

Among the various scholarship programs of Banco Santander, there are some that have been launched by the entity in recent months that focus on promoting reskilling and reskilling:


Santander Skills Grant | Refine your talent – Esade

To enhance soft skills, the key to improving employability in a work environment characterized by digital transformation and demand for new episodic skills, such as leadership, creativity, personal productivity, emotional intelligence or negotiation skills.


Santander Technology Connect Scholarships

To help bridge the digital divide among Spanish university students. These scholarships provide a laptop for students in economic hardship and a grant of 350 euros for communication solutions during the 2021-2022 academic year.


Digital Experience Scholarships

Launched in collaboration with large companies such as IBM and Amazon Web Services, it allows students to train in technologies such as artificial intelligence, cyber security, or various tools related to cloud computing.


Santander Skills Grant | has evolved

To help young people prepare for their entry into the labor market. These scholarships provide online training for adults residing in Spain, whether or not they have completed university studies, who need guidance to face the new company selection processes.

These initiatives are part of the more than 30,000 scholarships Santander will award in 2021 to university students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and SMEs, after awarding more than 156,000 scholarships last year globally.

The entity will do this through the various programs that it develops in cooperation with public and private universities and other institutions in the country. In total, Banco Santander will be awarding more than 325,000 scholarships by the end of this year since 2019, 62% more (which translates to 125,000 additional scholarships) than the target set for this period. In Spain alone, 85,000 of this aid will be awarded.

Banco Santander and its support for higher education

Banco Santander maintains its unwavering commitment to inclusive and sustainable progress and growth through a pioneering and unifying commitment to higher education. For 25 years, this commitment has been carried out by the Universities of Santander. Since its launch, the entity has allocated more than 2,000 million euros and awarded more than 630,000 scholarships and grants.

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