Monterrey will award scholarships for registrations to study in Madrid

Monterey /

To motivate young people to develop skills that will enhance their future work, the Monterey Youth Institute, in coordination with the Complutense University of Madrid, They agreed to a coalition to award 100 percent of scholarships to Monterey residents.

A statement sent by the municipality proves that this subsidy targets municipal students who The legal age to travel to Madrid, the capital of Spainwith careers focused on the social sciences and humanities.

summoning Launching from March 22nd on social networks INJURE And also through the social networks of the Government of Monterrey, where the requirements for obtaining the scholarship will be explained in detail.

Signing this agreement It is considered the first among many others to be heldas they work so that the youth of Monterrey is part of an academic support program that allows talented students to continue their education at the best universities in the world.

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