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Ministry of Education Scholarships for Undergraduate Studies for Masters 2021/2022

The application period is open until October 14. The scholarships cover the registration fee and include a variable amount based on the grade point average.

The Ministry of Vocational Education and Training has already opened the application period for University scholarships to cover the cost of registering for an official master’s degree And help students financially. These scholarships also include degrees, university entry courses for those over 25 years of age, and supplemental credits or training to gain access to or obtain a master’s degree or degree.

Scholarships consist of a fixed amount (to be determined each year) and a variable amount (depending on grade point average and family income). The fixed amount It includes the scholarship, which covers the amount of credits registered for the first time, a portion of family income (1700€), another for a change of residence during the course (1600€) and another for academic excellence (50-125€). The variable quantity The minimum is 60 euros and distributed with the remaining amount of the total budget taking into account the average score of the file and the family income of the individual.

The public needs The ones that must be met in order to be a beneficiary of one of these master’s scholarships are:

Be Spanish or hold the nationality of a member state of the European Union.
He should not have obtained an equivalent academic degree or higher than the studies for which the scholarship was requested.
To be registered in a master’s degree with a minimum of 60 credit hours. You may also be awarded a scholarship if you are enrolled in at least 30 credit hours.
Have an average of 7 points in studies conferring a master’s degree or 6.5 if a master’s degree is eligible. Multiply the grade point average by 1.17 if you are studying engineering or architecture.
For second year Master’s degree students, they must have passed 100% of the previous year’s credits and hold a minimum score of 7 or 5 points for the eligible Master’s degree.

In addition to general and academic requirements, certain requirements must be met. Financial requirements Depending on the income earned by the family unit in the previous year’s fiscal year (for the 2021-2022 school year, 2020 is considered), deductions are applied for certain cases (large families, applicants with disabilities, etc.). These economic requirements are determined by income thresholds or limits, which will determine the components of the scholarship that can be obtained.

The application period will be Open until October 14The operation is carried out through the website sede.educacion.gob.es.

More information at www.becaseducacion.gob.es.

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