Mineduc formalizes the English Language Scholarship Program

The Education Scholarship Program was signed by the Minister of Education, Claudia Patricia Ruiz. Photo: AGN.

In Diario de Centro América, Ministerial Agreement 709-2022 of the Ministry of Education (Mineduc) has been published today, to create an English language learning scholarship program for formal sector students at the intermediate and diversified levels.

It includes 14 articles and is signed by the Minister of Education, Claudia Patricia Ruiz.

They strive to raise the quality of education

According to the agreement, the purpose of this program is to contribute to raising the quality of education in the formal sector, intermediate level, and diversified course by enhancing English language skills and student preference while increasing opportunities for integration into the labor market.

In this way, the teachers responsible for this subject will receive training in order to innovate the teaching methodology.

Digi will implement the program

The publication also states that the Directorate General of Bilingual Intercultural Education (Digebi) will be responsible for carrying out the planning, programming and budget execution of the English Language Scholarship Program.

Similarly, the Procedures Manual, in coordination with the Directorate of Institutional Strengthening (Didefi), the Directorate of Educational Planning (Diplomat), the Directorate of Financial Management (DAFI) and the General Directorate of Education Quality Management (Digecade), for the purpose of operationalizing the plan.


It was stipulated that they should be included in the annual Operating Plan (POA), for budget allocation, which could be financed with financial resources from internal national sources, internal or external credits, external or internal donations, among others.


The agreement states that agreements will be signed with fellows or program beneficiaries, although it does not provide further details.

In turn, within the framework of Article 8, it is established that Digebi must sign inter-enterprise technical cooperation agreements of an administrative nature with the corresponding entities.

Clarify who will supervise

According to the agreement, innovation in the education system will be supervised by the Directorate of Internal Audit (DIDAI) of the Ministry of Education and at the same time by the Comptroller General of Accounts.

The Directorate General for Quality Control and Verification (Digemoca) will be the entity responsible for monitoring the quality of the educational process, while the Directorate General of Educational Assessment and Research (Digeduca) will ensure that the results are evaluated in the corresponding public finances. public.

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