MEFP 2022 scholarships to study a master’s degree at the university

The application period is open from 30 March to 12 May, and includes eligible and non-eligible master’s studies.

Scholarships from the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training to study at a Spanish university bring the application deadline back to March, when in previous years they would open in the summer. It can be requested even if you still do not know your master’s degree and which university you will study at next year.

The Scholarships They cover both eligible and non-qualifying master’s studies, as well as bachelor’s degrees, university preparation courses for those over 25 years of age taught by public universities and supplemental credits or complementary training to access or obtain a master’s or bachelor’s degree. It cannot be requested for third-cycle studies, doctoral studies, specialization studies, or university degrees.

Scholarships consist of a fixed amount and a variable amount. The fixed amount The scholarship covering the amount of credits registered for the first time includes; One for family income (1,700 €), one for a change of residence during the course (1,600 €) and one for academic excellence (50-125 €). The variable quantity The minimum is €60 and is distributed taking into account the average score of the file and the family income of the individual.

The credit rate will be the rate set by the Autonomous Communities for the academic year 2022/2023. The scholarship covers credits registered for the first time only, i.e. it does not cover second or subsequent registrations. Likewise, if you are studying at a private university, you can apply for the scholarship, but it will only cover the price set by the Autonomous Community for that degree at a public university.

· What requirements do I need to apply for the Ministry Scholarship?

The public needs Which you must meet in order to be a beneficiary of one of these masters scholarships are:

Be Spanish or hold the nationality of a member state of the European Union.
He should not have obtained an equivalent academic degree or higher than the studies required to obtain the scholarship.
Be registered in a master’s degree with a minimum of 60 credit hours. You can also get a scholarship if you are enrolled in at least 30 credit hours.
Holds an average of 5 points in studies conferring a master’s degree, whether in a qualified master’s degree or a non-qualified master’s degree. Multiply the grade point average by 1.17 if you studied engineering or architecture.
For students of the second year of a master’s degree, it is required that they have agreed to 100% of the credits of the previous year and that their grade is not less than 5 points.

In addition to general and academic requirements, certain requirements must be met. Financial requirementsbased on the income earned by the family unit in the previous year’s fiscal year (for the 2022-2023 school year, 2021 counts), apply deductions for certain cases (large families, applicants with disabilities, etc.).

These economic requirements will be announced in the summer, and take into account income received and certain items related to assets, such as capital returns, capital gains or real estate.

The scholarship application period will open. Until May 12The operation is carried out through the website Although you still do not know what you will study next year, you can place studies that you consider very likely, and by September you will be able to change them.

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