MEC Scholarships are offered to study FP for a period of four months and increase its economic contribution

Today there are many students who need assistance to be able to continue their training after completing compulsory education. For this reason, every year the state awards a series of grants, popularly known as MEC . Scholarshipsto Assisting people with limited resources to access quality post-compulsory formal education.

this program Scholarshipsthat have been requested so far after submitting applications for vocational training, university studies, art education, or the like in the summer months, This year she advances her invitation four monthsYour order is enabled From March 30 to May 12.

With this, the aim of the government is to let students know if they meet the necessary economic requirements to be able to fund their studies with a MEC scholarship. For a 2022 call The contribution increased to reach 2134 million. 45% more than 5 years ago.

Scholarships compatible with non-university studies

Many students wonder if it is possible to apply for a MEC scholarship without completing undergraduate studies, as this type of assistance is generally associated with career study. However, as mentioned above, These scholarships are also offered to students of non-university studies as long as they are official degrees.

This includes public and private training Provided that they have obtained approval from the Ministry. This is the case for some training centers such as MedakThe Pioneering Institute Vocational training In Spainwhich already has 34 official centers across Spain and Offer face-to-face and online training of up to 40+ courses Middle and high grade, all of them 100% compliant with MEC . scholarships.

MEDAC students can also apply for MEC scholarships because they are official degrees. DE

In addition, this center contains a file Special discount 500 euros until May 31which will allow its students to reserve their registration in the degree they wish to study, which is a basic requirement to be able to apply for one of the Ministry’s scholarships.

MEDAC offers a special discount of €500 until May 31, for students to book registration for the degree they wish to obtain

With such actions, Future students will be able to apply for the MEC scholarship with confidence, the ability to cancel their registration if they do not meet the requirements to be awarded and to receive a full refund up to 5 days after the start of the course. similarly, MEDAC also offers interest-free financingWith the aim of facilitating access to quality training for all who need it.

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