McDonald’s offers annual college scholarship program | Video | NIVISION 45 HOUSTON KXLN

[úsica]Presenter: Every yearMcDonald’s restaurants offerScholarships. This scholarship is for herProvide benefits for more than17,000 Hispanic studentswant to study inCollege.Our next guestWe will talk about this program.We know that many studentsThey can’t study becauseEconomic problems. what’s he doingthis program?>> Most of them cannot attendTo college because of problemsEconomics. This year we continuewith this program. DateFebruary 7 We want youApply for this great help.Presenter: It’s amazinghelp. many studentsBenefit from HispanicsThese scholarships are for McDonald’s.Who is eligible?>> They must be Latinos. must beUS residents.It must be in the last year ofpreparatory. which is whatmemory.Presenter: They should have a fileGood average.All information can be seen inthe pageThe deadline is the 7th ofFebruary. They have to hurry.Where can they apply?>> on our site.Look for the “make” link. that itLatin programme.Presenter: It is an obligationMcDonald’s every year toHow is the selection made?The winners?>> I am a national judge.apps in the middleMarch, by May we already havethe elect.communicate withThe winners.Presenter: You also queíasRemember that McDonald’sThe locals also offer help.>> These can be appliedThey work with us. weInvoices can be senttheir classrooms and weWe help pay for it. many noThey know it.Presenter: Chancejob opportunity and helpFinancial.Let’s share oneInformation.information inScreen.invite studentseligible to rush.Thank you very much, Nelly Quijano.Thank you for joining us. sThanks to McDonald’s.Before we finish, we love youInvitation to the annual showMartin Luther King Jr., what is it?This Monday in the middleHouston.information inScreen.To dream of Dr. LutherThe king is still alive.

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