MCampus Community is launched, a free education platform

Effective February 1, 2022, Arcos Dorados, the franchisee that operates McDonald’s brand in 20 markets in Latin America and the Caribbean, has announced the evolution of its current free training and is launching its open-to-all education platform called MCampus Comunidad.

The new platform was born with a wide range of courses to expand the potential of young people and thus their opportunities in the job market. In addition to the options already in the previous initiative, the company has added new topics related to digital and information technology, through an alliance with CISCO, one of the most important technology companies in the world. In the coming weeks, more content that responds to the key training needs of today’s youth will be added.

The MCampus community initiative is part of “A Recipe for the Future,” the company’s social and environmental commitment strategy. The free courses platform aims to improve opportunities for young people and support them with training skills that will allow them to better prepare for the world of work. Thus, Arcos Dorados reinforces his conviction that education, training and access to work are essential factors for inclusion and social mobility.

“The integration of young people without experience in the labor market is one of the main problems in Latin America, and we at Arcos Dorados are convinced that we can be an active part of the solution. The MCampus community emerges as an evolution of a specific initiative that we implemented last year in the context of Youth Day, where we participate Some of our courses are free. The project was more successful than planned and we decided to turn the initiative into a free-to-access educational platform for all our youth. We are proud of our ability to provide content that expands the possibilities and thus broadens their career horizons.” David Greenberg, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Arcos Dorados.

Those interested in training can access it by going to The courses are independent, with no specific order or quantity limit per person, and are available in Spanish and Portuguese. After it is completed, a certificate will be sent guaranteeing the training received which will highlight the skills in future job searches.

The courses currently available are: Introduction to Cyber ​​Security, Fundamentals of Cyber ​​Security, Python Programming, Getting Started with Linux, Communication,

Introduction to the Internet of Things, in alliance with Cisco, emotional intelligence, customer service, health and wellbeing in times of a pandemic, entrepreneurship and personal finance, from Arcos Dorados.

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