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Mayor Fernando Remes offers 2,400 scholarships in Poza Rica

See Poza Rica.– (Vanguardia de Veracruz). – For more than 17 years, the sewage treatment plant located in Fraccionamiento Mangos 2 has been transformed into a white elephant, full of weeds and completely deserted, causing the breeding of insect clouds, which have already been affected residents of the place, they are requesting the intervention of the authorities to close the place or find a solution for that problem.

At least 20 neighbors of the mango department met over the weekend to report that carcamo had not worked in more than 17 years, causing inconvenience to neighborhood residents as it caused criminals to enter the place during the night. , but also since it is completely dark and completely open, they fear for the safety of not only the families in the subdivision but also those who pass through the place, especially the young women who have as a mandatory step, where they attend Conalep or Tech.

Neighbors explained that they had requested support in previous administrations, but were simply told that the place had an owner and that they should help them look for him, since he was responsible for operating the pit, however, so far they have not received a positive response.

Between shouting and grumbling, the complainants told Vanguardia that they are asking municipal authorities to close the place and turn it into a park, or recreational place for hundreds of families who are tired of suffering from the unpleasant smells emanating from there, causing children and elderly people to constantly fall ill from respiratory tract and rashes.

They explained that in Taksim there are already cases of dengue fever, due to the multiplication of flies in these extremely hot times, not to mention that it has also become a breeding ground for insects, rodents and even snakes, which generated fear among people. Residents, children and young people who pass by the place to go play in the park next to it.

They pointed out that during the passage of Hurricane Grace, part of the fence fell and so far no one has supported them in throwing rubble, causing some people to fall, staying between the infested water and the mountain, they point out that until this moment there were accidents without seriousness, but why are you waiting Things get bigger.

Finally, they asked the authorities to help them definitively shut down this white elephant, which only brought them trouble.

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