Masters and Doctoral Scholarships for Teachers: The Province of Cartagena has launched Master and Doctoral Scholarships for Teachers | Cartagena

The Mayor of Cartagena and Secretary of District Education (SED) they opened the Call for Scholarships “Olga del Carmen Villegas Robles”so that teachers and teaching directors owned by the province of Cartagena* can study master’s and doctoral degrees without having to pay pesos.

Mario Lumpana Moreno, Director of Education Quality, reported that scholarships fund 100% of the total value of the regular enrollment. From each regular semester.

This time we have 79 credit scholarships that can be tolerated at 100%, that is, at the end of their studiesLumpana Moreno commented, that the teacher would not pay a single peso for his training after graduation.

Lumpana Moreno clarified that the grants are distributed in this call as follows: 64 for the master’s and 15 for the doctorate. Teachers can register through The ICETEX website is referred to in the deadlines, terms and conditionsFill out the credit application form.

Olga Elvira Acosta Amell, Minister of Education, noted that the invitation designed by Mayor William Dow’s administrationGreeting for Teacher from Cartagena Olga del Carmen Villegas Robles (1952-2005)who inspired teachers and students for his critical pedagogical work and his struggle for the right to a decent, high-quality education for all.

Acosta Amil emphasized that this call is in line with the comprehensive development plan of the Cartagena Pillar The strategic line of training culture. The investment for postgraduate teacher training is $4,524,891,020.

“This is the second call we’re making. On this occasion, options for obtaining master’s degrees in Education, Educational Sciences, Design and Management of Virtual Learning Scenarios and Inclusive Educationeducation via ICT, pedagogical innovation, and English language teaching, among others,” Acosta Amell reported.

For doctoral studies, the range of possibilities is in Education and Educational Sciences. Details of the call for scholarships can be found on the Icetex website.

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