Marta Lucia Ramirez reaffirmed her commitment to safeguarding democracy in the Organization of American States

During the Extraordinary Permanent Council of the Organization of American States, The Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, Marta Lucia Ramirez, highlighted democratic values ​​and representative democracy As the best option to ensure peace, security and development in the hemisphere.

The senior official noted at the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Inter-American Democratic Charter that “The Charter constitutes a collective obligation to ensure that, in countries where democracy is threatened Or a constitutional rupture is presented, the necessary measures are taken to protect and defend it.”

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In addition to “It is undeniable that democracy is still the most appropriate political system, because it provides such basic elements as transparency, access to information Freedom of the press, allowing citizens to express their opinion and vote, by providing space to contribute to decision-making processes.

In the twenty years of the Democratic Charter, it has been invoked on at least nine occasions, in seven of those cases, the preventive function has been effective in avoiding the escalation of institutional political crises that could have jeopardized the democratic process.

We face times of uncertainty in many areas of the future in our societies. The sustainable development of our region has been greatly affected, not only because of the pandemic but also because of climate change, natural disasters, increased extreme poverty and delays in social aspects such as education, health and housing. To find solutions to these problems we must have strong, robust and democratically legitimate institutions.”

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He emphasized that for Colombia, what is worrying: “JiWe are now in dire need of solidarity, cooperation and cooperation in the Western Hemisphere to meet the challenges of the present and the futurevoices are being raised against the OAS that intends to erase its principal principles and objectives with the stroke of a pen and transfer them to other scenarios, or worse, create new scenarios to implement what we already have.

Ramirez pointed out that “we cannot confuse authoritarian and populist regimes with democratic regimes, just for the fact that in the case of the first regime, elections are held.”

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