Marina Vitella meets the Durango Youth Scholarship Campaign

Durango /

during the campaign Marina Vitila, filter for Durango government About the Alliance Together we make history He noted that “we can no longer allow our youth to drop out of school, due to lack of support; Because their parents do not have the money to continue preparing themselves or to leave Durango due to the lack of opportunities.”

In the entity, 25 percent of the population is young people, two out of three do not go to university and four out of 10 do not go to high school. Regarding the above, he affirmed that his commitment is creation of new universities, To expand Coverage of tuition fees Secondary and higher education.

“Without stealing, lying or betraying, together we will build real change that will bring new hope to our young people, and for that, I will be promoting free online coverage across the state,” he said.

The applicant said that the pandemic changed the lives of young people and many”cut off development prospects”which has a negative impact on the enjoyment of their rights under equal conditions, but he emphasized that in his government “we will fight for them, because we Represents strength and energy And for me, they are a huge commitment to working together for it Real change.”

Among the other obligations of the Morena-PMEV-PT-RSP applicant are the establishment of regional language centers, youth self-employment programs and immediate qualification, as well as Scholarships for high school students s finest Transfer scholarships.


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