Marina Vitella committed to creating a bank for women

During a women’s meeting with the coalition candidate Together we make historyThey asserted that,sophistication navy It will radically change the country, ”for which Gomezpalatina pledged to create a bank for women “Boring” And proof that you can make a pledge and move on.

thus Interest-free loans will be given to women and solidarity groups, ranging from 6000 to 16,000 pesos“We’ll show we can,” Marina said.

Morena’s coalition candidate, PVEM, PT and RSP, has told them before business women, students, Indigenous peoples, housewives, legislators, advisors, sector leaders, entrepreneurs, health workers and educators, that she will work for this real change. Which they all crave to give them peace of mind.

in the entity, 51% of the population is women and 32% of households are headed by a female, For this reason, “we will focus on their support, and today, a woman is blowing up the economy from her home, I tell you from experience because I did and I am proud to be in Morena because it generates hope, accompaniment and solidarity, with the kind of support that helps us grow.”

The brunette received the support of those present, who emphasized that with the women in Marina they are given an unprecedented importance because she knows the problems, “She will always be on our side, we trust her”, “I will vote for her”, “You are not alone”.

Vitila told them of her proposals, such as creating nurseries for single and working mothers; The problem of violence in Durango will strengthen courts that specialize in domestic violence, establish regional shelters for women who have experienced violence, and there will be scholarships for those who wish to return to school.


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