Mañueco stresses classrooms won’t fall into ‘indoctrination’

Fernandez Manico asserts classrooms won’t fall into ‘indoctrinating anyone’

Inauguration speech as president of the junta of Castilla-Leon delivered by Alfonso Fernandez Manuico This Monday had many references to educational policy. In this sense, the regional leader emphasized that classes in the community would not fall into “indoctrination by anyone”.

The plans for this mandate are that teaching is “free of all ideological indoctrination” and, except for last-minute surprise, Vox will not take charge of The Ministry of Education. “We will solidify an educational model of excellence, based on merit, effort, solidarity and support for those who need it most. We will implement new measures of educational success and promote pedagogical innovation to help students overcome difficulties with their own efforts,” said Fernandez Manico.

In the same way, from the board confirm that they will continue to demand tests ‘Selectivity’ It is unique to the entire country and that its policies for vocational training will be “employment oriented”. Another promise of the council president in educational matters is to increase the funds allocated to research in the field of the university. Similarly, Fernandez Manico promised to continue lowering university fees and expanding scholarships for these students.

In addition, he confirmed in his speech that next year will be when the system Free education for boys and girls from two to three years old. “Education is one of Castilla y León’s greatest successes. We are at the forefront of the world, with public education characterized by excellence, quality and equity, in public and coordinated centers, in urban and rural areas. We are ambitious, we desire to be better and we will go further “, Fernandez Manico pot.

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