Magdalena Contreras will provide scholarships to study high school, bachelor’s degree or English language

Governor’s office Magdalena Contreras about delivery Scholarships to study The High school and university also Einglish. Next, we share the details for you to sign up.

This is a procedure developed by the local government in coordination with the University Center in Trilingual.

These scholarships are mainly aimed at residents who live in the area and are interested in furthering their studies or learning the English language.

It consists of access to 100% off on price for engraving or re-register, as well as for 50% off on Pay teaching.

Could you sign for study:

  • Bachelor of Technology in two years, Technical jobs are: management informatics, social work, digital graphic design, tourism, accommodation services, computers, dietetics, accounting, marketing, human resource management or food and beverage preparation.
  • Bachelor degree: Law, management, gastronomy, tourism business management, public accounting, pedagogy, criminology, criminology, marketing or business administration.
  • MSc.
  • Einglish.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the . file Study plans Is also Supported by Secretary of Public Education (September). In the end, you will get an officially valid certificate.

You can recheck the subjects to finish your high school or university faster | Photo:

This is the registration for the scholarships to be offered by Magdalena Contreras

  1. Give Click next link
  2. Yasser The Information Required (email, name, age, phone number).
  3. Choose The studies what or whatWhat do you want to study and The Transformation.
  4. Write down what is your last level of study.
  5. Sends you Application.

Certified staff will contact you to inform you about the cost of education and the next stages of the registration process.

If you have questions or need more information about these scholarships to be offered by the Office of the Mayor of Magdalena Contreras, check the announcement here or call 55 54 49 60 00 Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

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