Magdalena Contreras Mayor Office: How to get a scholarship to study high school, bachelor’s degree or English language

On April 5, 2022, they will present the information at the People’s House of the Mayor’s Office (Photo: EFE/Mariscal/Archive)

local government in Magdalena Contreras Mayor Office Scholarships to study Einglishor secondary or university education for persons interested in pursuing their studies and who reside in the delimitation.

The stents consist of 100% off in the registration or re-registration price; The fifty% in payment of tuition fees; The Mayor’s Office assistance has been coordinated with the University Trilingual Center to promote education rights.

Educational programs are supported by the Ministry of Public Education (September), the educational center has several locations and various schedules in order to adapt to the student. In the case of undergraduate level, the academic offer is ten degreeshighlighted that it relies on training professionals with tools for the world of work

What are the educational options and what do they consist of?

Jobs and master’s degrees have official validity before the Ministry of Public Education (Image: Twitter / Claudiashein)
Jobs and master’s degrees have official validity before the Ministry of Public Education (Image: Twitter / Claudiashein)

*Through the Facebook account of the Magdalena Contreras Mayor office, they indicated that the scholarship can be obtained through:

* Two years of technology baccalaureatewhose technical careers are in social work, human resource management, management computing, tourism, digital graphic design, hosting services, accounting, computing, dietetics, marketing, and food and beverage preparation.

* to level Bachelor degree The offer is Law, Gastronomy, Tourism Business Management, Marketing, Business Administration, Pedagogy, Public Accounting, Criminology and Marketing. To view study plans, please visit

* The postgraduate educational offer consists of two master’s degrees and one doctorate

* being able to education It can be a hybrid method, it has Language CenterDuration 1 year 8 months, has official validity before SEP, as they submit Free digital materialsThey give three master classes every month, sessions are recorded. It has different types of degrees either by thesis or seminar degree or by professional experience.

* Master’s in high direction.

Online educational options can be availed (Photo: Laura Ludwig/dpa)
Online educational options can be availed (Photo: Laura Ludwig/dpa)

* The PhD in educational sciences Its duration is Two yearsit is possible to study in the virtual way, in the same way they give free digital materials, they offer 3 master classes per month on Sundays, and also in the teaching master’s degree they offer 3 options for obtaining degrees.

* a path Einglish.

* At the end of the studies they present a Officially valid certificate before September.

How to register for the Magdalena Contreras Mayoral Scholarship?

* Those interested in pursuing studies can register through the form Pre-registration at Trilingual University Center // Agreement with the Office of Magdalena Contreras Mayor at:

* Inside, you have to enter all the files Information It asks you for your full name, email, age, and phone number.

* Then choose the educational level or English language course as well as the shift.

* Select your last study level and at the end Submit the request.

* The Magdalena Contreras ordination authorities have announced that there will be a platform for people who need the grant, and the hours will be from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Tuesday, April 5, 2022 at popular house On the seventh of April, it will be in San Nicolas Tutulaban Township Kiosk.

*If you fill out the form, the staff will contact you to give you information about the next selection process. If there is any doubt, you can call our phone number 55 54 49 60 00, work hours Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

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