Let’s organize a student movement independent of the government facing the amendment

The university election round in La Plata, BAU, UNLAM and the United Nations, in general, shows the progress of the groups associated with the directorates. Basically a purple ribbon. The elections were prepared to suit the university’s authorities, with little face-to-face time, severely limiting debate and politicizing the elections. Also, there is no doubt that the rush to do them at the end of March – early April has to do with the explosion that the course of the IMF’s adjustment can cause on the university and the living conditions of students and workers in general: “better to prevent cure.”

Buenos Aires Province

A relevant fact in the province of Buenos Aires is the decline of Kirchner’s groups, as evidenced by the UNLP elections and also the elections for the University of La Matanza, where the list responding to Máximo Kirchner received fewer votes than the entire list – leftist lists and only 50 more votes than Gaza. The fact that its groups in Kirchner’s stronghold are falling back is indicative of the wear and tear and futility of the Kirchnerism, for the time being, presenting itself as a way out in the face of the failure of the FDT government which, though, is an irreplaceable part. The presence of the “progressive” Kiselov at the head of the district did not help to make young people fall in love again. It stands to reason that the star of Axel’s minister is the right-winger Sergio Berni, the Peronist version of Patricia Bullrich.

The left as a whole did not get results indicating progress within the student body. Instead, he succeeded in “stopping the halt” and maintaining the position it had earned as an independent and belligerent political bloc. As we have shown in other articles, we have not been able to force the debate in the various elections about the current amendment and its explosive tendencies within the university, nor have we been able to unleash organized movements for demands that, although there, have not yet matured in a certain sense. To collectively organize to overcome them.

Our campaign, in preparation for what is to come, succeeded in drawing the attention of a section of activists who began to awaken to the political struggle. It is important to note that in the Faculty of Architecture of the UNLP, where there is a 7-year tradition of independent and combative organization of the student center, Franja Morada did not succeed in subduing the combative opposition as a whole. What explains his relatively huge victory, the crisis of the opposition leadership, which was embodied in the disintegration of Dell! At the expense of Ajit filtering policy.

Disagreements with the electoral left

It is worth highlighting decisively the behavior of the left. Only the UJS used the student elections as a preliminary step in the task of developing a student movement independent of the government and the authorities organizing themselves for their demands and converging with the struggle against the amendment, which today has become the leading role of the independent movement. Piketero movement on a large scale. The rest of the left, both the PTS and New Mas, abandoned this fight and devoted themselves to conducting crude elections, separate from the strategic tasks of the students in the political phase.

The difference between one of them and the other is that the exams have developed their campaign under the umbrella of left unity and that Al-Mas has done it by marginalizing himself and breaking all the leftist lists that have been presented so far in the field of students. The problem with both currents, with their vast differences, is that their only perspective is the compilation of electoral self-reference. They do not see the explosion of the ongoing amendment and the massive tendencies towards confrontation between the state and the popular movement. This conception and electoral and conservative political construction lead them to turn their backs on the massive struggle of organized unemployed workers in the Piquetero fighting movement, which, with Polo Obrero at its head, is the main obstacle to adaptation in Argentina, and, therefore, the main target of the attack by the capitalist state .

Upcoming battles

With that understanding, the UJS Buenos Aires Province is preparing for some very important battles ahead in the coming months. In the first place, at the University of San Martin (Unsam) we will fight to defend the political independence of the Center for Students of Science and Technology (Cecyt) led by La Caldera (UJS + Independents) in front of the entire left. Cecyt comes from carrying out the huge task of organizing students throughout the pandemic, obtaining important victories and systematically responding to student problems, as well as advancing a democratic process and supporting and accompanying the group of popular struggles. Kirchner’s opposition virtually disintegrated, and they were left without a script after they were systematically overpowered by the student organization promoted by our group.

On the same campus, a few meters from science and technology, we will fight to win and reclaim the Center for Students of Humanities (Cehum), today in the hands of a group linked to the Kirchnerism trying to depoliticize themselves so that their national crisis does not affect the center. La Caldera in the Humanities is the protagonist of a broad student organization for initial demands such as Free ESI and most recently the fight to win back a scholarship. The leadership of the center is outside these struggles. To restore Juhoum, the unity of all activists and the left is very important in a joint list that puts above any difference the struggle to put the center in the hands of the students and not the government and the authorities.

In June, the council elections will be held at the University of General Sarmiento (UNGS), and there is still news of the student center elections. They will be a very important example of the regrouping of activity in a political battle against the adjustment of orientation of the authorities aligned with Berberism and, at the same time, unleashing a massive battle against the municipal apparatus directing the student center. From our group, El Yunque, we propose to the left and independent sectors to develop agitation and a joint list aimed at revealing the modification of the administration, the responsibility of the student center in dispersing students and the creation of a strong opposition center that challenges the organs that govern the university.

Develop our groups

To develop and organize the defense of public education, it is necessary to politicize activists with massive political agitation, to link the specific problems of different universities with the general adaptation promoted by the government and the IMF. The struggle for scholarships to continue studies, copies at cost to be able to buy notes, student canteens at cheap prices, infrastructure, teaching appointments to open new commissions and not to leave anyone without studying, are some of the demands that have emerged from the very beginning of the face-to-face classes. Organizing them and fighting for them means colliding with the directorates that are the conveyor belt of national adaptation and with the management of centers that are the spokesperson for the deans and/or the government. The implementation of our student groups to promote combative regrouping of students is a first-class task in this perspective.

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