Leticia Ortega promotes scholarships for women victims of violence; 12,545 cases of domestic violence

Morena’s deputy, Leticia Ortega, reports that in Chihuahua, as of the end of February 2022, the Specialized Public Prosecutor’s Office for Women’s Affairs has consolidated more than 2,000 files of crimes against women. Domestic violence as a major crime, with 12,545 investigation files in 2021.

The above by proposing to reform the state law on women’s right to a life free from violence to award individual scholarships to women victims of violence and/or in danger.

“The state must take care of women victims of crime in a comprehensive manner, complying with what the international legal framework says, as well as our federal and state legislation,” she said when asking for her support in completing its essential procedures. , Secondary education .. superior and in his condition superior.

As a result of the violation, a significant part of them had to stop studying, which greatly affects their overall development.

The proposal seeks to promote and strengthen the full exercise of women’s right, to achieve personal and professional improvement in their educational courses, with the award of specific scholarships.

Articles 28, Articles 22, 23 and 32 Sections 14 and 15 of the State Law on the Right of Women to a Life Free from Violence are amended as follows:

artArticle 28 Corresponds to the Ministry of Social Development:

twenty tow. Coordination with the Ministry of Education to develop individual scholarship programs for women who are victims of violence and/or at risk; If necessary, for their economic dependents, allowing them to develop basic education courses and, where appropriate, secondary and higher education

twenty third. Others are required to abide by this law.

Article 32: Correspondence with the Minister of Education and Sports:

fourteenth. Coordinating with the Ministry of Social Development to develop programs to award specific scholarships to women victims of violence and/or at risk, as well as to their economic dependents, allowing them to develop basic educational courses and in their case, secondary and higher education.

Fifteenth. As for the obligation to abide by the provisions of this law

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