Learn English Online Platzy: Announcing 2000 Scholarships for Entrepreneurs

Recently, iNNpulsa Colombia and the online educational platform Platzi announced an offer 2000 places to study English for free in your programEnglish Academy´ With all his courses at the basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

Participants who register and meet the requirements will be able to access Online school They will be able to take English lessons from any mobile device and at a learning pace that suits each user. In fact, there is also the possibility practice in the communityand group classes and Get a certificate at the end of each level.

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How do you apply for a scholarship?

To access the courses, interested businessmen They will have to go to the official website of the callThe The last date to apply for the scholarship is May 1. Once registered, applicants You will be notified within eight working days with the Links and corresponding income for the Platzy platformwhich you can enter for free until November 9, 2022.

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Who and what are the requirements to apply?

  • All companies and entrepreneurs in the country who seek to enhance and enhance the educational capabilities of a second language.
  • Person Normal over 18 years old and has a business idea that seeks to promote Second language learning capabilities.

What is the content of the program?

Courses contain Topics like time management rules, business English With vital issues such as Communication, shopping, conversation, pronunciation, comparisonsand communication skills, business phrases and persuasive speech, among others.

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According to Plazzi, the English Language Academy Methodology Because it focuses on English level rating of the participants And so on Strategically define study objectives; Later the user can Follow the specified learning pathacquiring knowledge that has been modified according to their level, thus choosing a Certificate with each accredited course.

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