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The Elvia María Foundation, through academic promotion and career guidance, helps Middle school students from classes 1, 2 and 3especially in public schools, to access university scholarships by obtaining high scores in Saber 11 exams.

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In this process, students are selected from tenth or eleventh To train them for free in intensive courses for examinations conducted by ICFES.

Thus, it seeks to meet one of the requirements for access to scholarships: a high score on state tests. The other is to have a Sisbén 4 record.

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Find out from the Elvia Maria . Foundation Many young people lack information About the facilities they have to enter the university with a scholarship, for example, which is why sometimes they let these opportunities pass them by.

They have also seen that many do not have sufficient and timely information about Sisbén’s testimony. In fact, they confirmed that in the last award of the Generation E programme, 70 young people were withdrawn from their scholarship, although they met the requirements, because they did not receive the Sisbén certificate in time.

“Lack of information leads students to make mistakes when filling out forms in addition to Lack of professional guidance leads to errors In college and job selection. In a statement, the Foundation warns that the academic programs of public schools do not meet these needs.

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Given this scenario, the proposal from the Elvia María Foundation and Preicfesconestilo.com is the web portal becate.co, where, according to its creators, “all the information a student needs to know about all opportunities to study at a university or an academic institution, through scholarships “.

They also note that this site “continues to communicate with each other All requirements and procedures Once the scholarship is won so that the recipients can satisfactorily handle the call.”

Through this project, its creators are betting on a support process that includes career guidance, strategic alliances, and academic preparation from the classroom at school to the moment young people process and eventually receive scholarships.

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how can I help?

Companies and individuals who wish to support this project can do so financially or as volunteers. They can enter the fundacionelviamaria.org website, where they can connect and contribute any amount of money.

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