Launching the English Language Learning Program

The government The Dominican Republic, through the Ministry of Education, on Wednesday afternoon launched a language learning program English 2021-2024in a work led by the President Louis Abenader In the National Palace.

The program will begin on Thursday, March 17, as part of an experiment that will take place on 10 schools rural and urbanrepresentative of all regions of the country.

“This program for teaching English as a second language will generate the human capital that the state needs in various sectors of national production for greater growth and sustainable development,” President Abenader said during the ceremony.

Minister of Education, Roberto Volcar. (Jose Alexandre Arias / Free Diary )

He stated that the task, from the educational centers, is to begin to shape the image of young people, who, upon completion of high school, “will soon look for higher education programs, scholarships, jobs, new prospects and opportunities for success, to create higher levels of employability, even Our youth are able to get better wages and rewards.”

The program will cover 646 educational centerswithin 18 regional districts and 122 school districts nationwide, starting in the next academic year.

The English language learning program It seeks to provide high school graduates with the linguistic and communicative skills of the English language, through the use of teaching resources and educational experiences, using interactive technology platforms.

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