Latin programmer wins scholarship to improve Bitcoin protocol

Key facts:
  • Bruno Garcia, from Brazil, is a Latin programmer who received a Brink Scholarship.

  • Brink encourages the study of Bitcoin through scholarships funded by companies associated with the ecosystem.

A nonprofit association dedicated to research and development of Bitcoin Core, called Brink, this week announced the winners of its latest grant round. These four developers, one of whom is Latin, will now receive a scholarship from this institution for their commitment to Bitcoin (BTC) development.

In a press release posted on its website, the company, which has been giving grants to those interested in working on the Bitcoin protocol, announced that this Four developers have been selected by the Brink Board of Directors. As they added, today’s scholarship recipients demonstrated an “ongoing commitment” to the development of the Bitcoin network.

Bruno Garcia is one of the developers who won the Brink Scholarship. He is from Brazil and discovered bitcoin in 2015. Since then, Enhance knowledge about the ecosystem.


Having learned about Bitcoin protocol development, he is now contributing to Bitcoin Core through PR testing and review, improving testing coverage, and working with peer-to-peer (P2p) trading platforms and wallets.

Brink Logo - Latino Programmer Wins Scholarship to Improve Bitcoin
Brink is a non-profit association that aims to research and improve the Bitcoin code. Source: Brink.

CriptoNoticias spoke with him. Frankly, Brink thanked for the opportunity and considered the fact of receiving support from one of the institutions “incredible.” To continue contributing to the development of Bitcoin.

He told us that he will continue to operate from Brazil, where he started his Bitcoin path, but he did not want to go into detail about what he could do with the support, which he also did not disclose.

However, he mentioned that among his plans are maintaining his operations with Bitcoin Core, as well as advising students in Latin America, Through periodic chapters where he spreads his knowledge about Bitcoin.

For him, this kind of support is “very important to the Bitcoin ecosystem” because he recognizes “the hard work done by many developers.” “It’s a sign that the ecosystem appreciates all the effort,” he said.

I am grateful for the opportunity, it is great to receive support to continue contributing with Bitcoin (…). It is very important to the ecosystem because it recognizes the hard work that many developers have done.

Bruno Garcia, Brazilian Bitcoin Core developer.

Brink is an association founded in 2020 dedicated to the research and development of the Bitcoin protocol. It has a scholarship and grant program for those interested in the project. These subsidies are generally funded, By companies also connected to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

In this particular case, Brink does not specify the amount of the grant for the four developers involved.

Brink recently received $450,000 in scholarships, as part of an agreement between that company and bitcoin exchange FTX, a fact reported by CriptoNoticias.

Bruno Garcia, Bitcoin programmer
Bruno Garcia shared the Brink Scholarship on his Twitter account. Source: Bruno Garcia / Twitter.

In addition, Brink is sponsored by other companies also associated with Bitcoin, such as Blockfi, Nexo, Gemini and Kraken exchanges. The Human Rights Foundation is also among the organizations that sponsor the scholarship programme.

The rest of the developers who won grants are “0xB10C,” the fictitious name of a programmer who has been working with Bitcoin Core since early 2021. Vicenzo Palazzo, who has been involved in Bitcoin since 2019 and is focused on the Lightning Network, and Niklas Gögge, who promises to work full time on Bitcoin Core.” without distraction.”

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