Latin Music Awards bet on social responsibility

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Written by: Daniela Nino

latin music group is a NETWORKING platform for the Latin music industry, focused on developing artist promotion and marketing events, with a history of more than a decade, achieving great impact in the industry and supporting not only the great artist, but the emerging

Alvaro Altamirano President of the Latin Music Awards, It is clear that music goes beyond artists and uses this platform to highlight the importance of advertisers, record companies, managers, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, platforms, media and all those who make the music.industry, thus creating the teams and alliances that allow growth.

In addition to the musical vision, Latin music has a project of social responsibility. Apart from making the budding artist visible and giving them the platform to exploit their full potential, they generate some scholarships so that they can study music and everything related to the industry, and take that first step of adventure.

Other social tasks Headhunter. Alvaro Altamirano recalls an anecdote from 2018: “We did a great job supporting two rich artists at a traffic light, discovering their full potential, taking them to different events and starting to appear in front of business, media and others. I also remember that on another occasion, we helped a musical group From Europe. They were low-income people, but they had a wonderful talent worth revealing to the world.”

It is a company with a broad social approach, but above all with clear business principles and ethics for being leaders and creating spaces of commercial integrity. Plus, everything they represent is real, “because there are some who sell smoke and promise things they don’t and end up hitting the industry.”

The 12th edition of the Latin Music Awards will be held in one of the most important venues in the country: MOVISTAR ARENA in Bogotto, which has a capacity of more than 14,800 people and is therefore the ideal place to hold the awards for each person. Today they position themselves as the most important in the music industry. Latino Music Tour 2022 will see 10 events in different cities of the country, and in major cities in the United States.

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Music Recommendations

Illinois – Lie to me. lie to me It’s a pop/punk song in it Illinois He remembers the sound of artists from the early 2000s like Avril Lavigne, Paramore or Blink 182.
The single combines these sounds with contemporary musical elements such as trap rhythmic components and “vocal pieces”. However, he maintains the sound suggestion that has characterized Allinos throughout his career.

Back 2 School – Karma. Barranquilla Band back 2 school Presents his new album, titled karmawhich we previously knew four promotional songs.
The 10-track production is influenced by California punk rock and Anglo pop punk. However, the rhythm and strength of the Caribbean is seen between the corners of the songs and forms the identity behind the band.

Jasmine Ortiz – I will never go home. Jasmine Ortiz created the perfect anthem to describe that feeling when you never want the fun to end.

Morpaz – This was not the moment. Colombian singer-songwriter Morpaz arrives this first semester of the year with a new musical theme that describes the process of grief we go through when we lose that person we love, proving at all times the feeling of fear, pain, sadness and suffering. and guilt.

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