Latest Current and Abroad Scholarships

Anyone can have the opportunity to study abroad at their disposal. The only thing you need to do is make sure you are there during the calls. Of course, it is important to first be aware of everything that is included in the program Scholarships in Colombia. This includes the agency’s scholarship application system and what needs to be done to apply.

What do ICETEX scholarships consist of and how to apply for them?

Basically, these scholarships are a series of programs, intended to allow university students to enter Economic background Where they can get endless advantages. All these tools can help them complete their professional studies abroad.

To start the scholarship application process, you just need to follow a series of steps, which are as follows.

1. Enter the Icetex website

To access your scholarship, you can access the website and apply. After you are on the platform, you will have at least two paths where you can refer to the available programs and scholarships.

For example, you can use files search engines of academic programs and scholarships. Thanks to this filter, you will find a scholarship that matches what you need and the characteristics of your profile. You only need to provide the following information:

  • Where you want to study.
  • your level of training.
  • The area you are interested in.

2. Find more information about the program that interests you

Once you are aware of the software you like, you will have to know all about it. Therefore, you can take the time to read the characteristics that define the scholarship. In this step, you may encounter data like Country, city, language or course type What will you analyze?

For its part, you will access items such as course duration, total number of modules, and syllabus, among others. If you are interested in a profession and want to know everything about it, you can do the query using the units of each. It is essential that you always ensure that you meet the necessary requirements before applying.

icetex grants3. Fill out your application using the form

After checking that the course meets everything you need, you can submit your formal application. Therefore, you will have to fill in the document with your personal and academic data. Both of these models are found inside a file virtual office, which you need to access using your username and password. This step can be said to be very important, because if it is not taken, you cannot be considered for Icetex Scholarships.

4. Gather all the documents you need

This step plays an essential role like the others. Next to the form, you should find a series of Documents and requirements He must have an official registration. They should all be on time for the calls.

5. Know the status of your order

You can constantly check each of the available channels to know the status of your order or icetex account statement. It is also recommended that you take care of your income profile every day and that you process the required requirements.

The software available from Icetex is completely interchangeable. The postgraduate degree is offered for 50 people correspond to other countries. This is a special feature of improving cooperation between different borders, at the same time that citizens benefit from an educational point of view. In this sense, students are covered in full tuition fees and given a special portion to fund books and more.

Advantages of ICETEX Scholarships

Primarily, the beneficiary can enjoy the best medical care in case of any disease. Likewise, every fellow has an amount close to it 2 million and 500 thousand pesos per month For general expenses only.

On the other hand, the advantages are not limited to the economic facilities, the person is allowed to get a visa. This can be beneficial in two aspects: its regulation in the state is much simpler; And in the future you can choose another type of visa.

Upon commencing their studies, scholarship holders are awarded a stipend that must be used in case of unexpected expenses. For example, it is often used Accident and sickness coverage, etc. It is only granted once in a period and can be requested when necessary.

The process for foreigners is very simple. All you have to do is enter the site and register in the region for foreigners. To meet the requirements, you must:

  • to be a foreigner
  • Be a professional or licensed in a specific area.
  • Know how to speak Spanish. Otherwise, a test will be submitted and you will have to Passing with a minimum of B2.
  • Be interested in specific programs found in the public call, catalog of offers or the academy.
  • You do not have residency in Colombia or study in this nation.

How is the program?

Every year the program It has more than a thousand educational systems. For example, some of them have doctorate and master’s degrees, and are located in the most important cities of Colombia. Available places may vary a lot, as this will be a determining factor for the university in which the program is offered.

Some of the most sought-after professions are health, economics, and marketing, although more than 200 fields are available. If you are interested in any of them, just Access to the ICETEX website. Offers can vary greatly each year. This way, you will not only see the races that have availability, but everything related to them. Thus, all you have to do is choose what suits the needs of your specialty.

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