Language scholarships to be awarded to the best ICFES in the country | Globalism

Rewarding the students who, thanks to their efforts, have obtained the highest grades in ICFES with a scholarship to study English or French at a language academy of high quality standards, is an opportunity that the Language Academy will give during the month of November Smart to all schools in the country.

The scholarship consists of a full course called Smart Online, which can be for English or French according to the student’s taste, and this course consists of 6, 9 or 12 months depending on the level of English or French that the student possesses, which is determined through a free ranking test . Read here: Cartagena, do you want to study? They offer this number of scholarships at UTB

“The aim of the course is to help students learn or improve language proficiency until they reach the most advanced module, it is completely virtual, accompanied by weekly live sessions, personalized lessons, conceptual forums, interaction with other students, teaching content, and access to a round-the-clock study platform 24/7/365 and many other benefits,” explained Sandra Castellanos, Director of Corporate and Personal Programs at Smart.

All students who are awarded a scholarship enjoy the following benefits:

● Interactive Platform: Students will have 24/7 access to our interactive platform with class recordings and all the activities needed to master a second language.

● Forums: They will be able to put their progress into practice week by week by participating in the forums and improving their communication skills.

● Continuous accompaniment: Accompaniment is permanent so that it overcomes all obstacles to language learning, thus generating confidence and security at the moment of communication. They have different personal learning sessions and/or additional spaces for language practice.

● Qualified teachers: Smart has the best certified language teachers, allowing the student to get the best education.

“We want to give the opportunity to change the future of students who do not have the opportunity to go to university when they leave school, and we know that learning a second language opens the doors to a new world,” Castellanos concluded.

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