Language Scholarships: Students will have access to scholarships in Belo – Medellin – Colombia

more than 6000 Students from the municipality of Belonorth of Abura Valley, will be able to reach it Language grants.

According to the mayor’s office in the municipality, these classes are for students from public, private and subsidized educational institutions in Belo, who study between grades six (sixth) to eleventh (eleventh).

Students who wish to enroll must meet several requirements: be over 12 years old, be affiliated with the Comfama Compensation Fund in Category A or B, be enrolled in a public or private educational institution in the city in Basic or Media and have mail Active email.

“Scholarships are governed by the Slang platform, a dynamic and interactive program that works on four components: reading, writing, listening and pronunciation,” explained Nubia Valencia Montoya, Minister of Education in Bello.

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The licenses for this program contain 124 courses: 6 of them in General English (Common European Framework), 10 in Skills English, and 11 in English
Conversation and the rest of Professional English in fields such as medicine, human management, marketing, tourism, aviation and software engineering.

In slang, the student sets the pace of the study, that is, they can learn at any time and place, repeat the content as many times as they want or pause and then resume from the point where they left off last time. You can also browse the themes to suit your tastes and needs.


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