La Nación / They offer university scholarships to mothers with families in a vulnerable situation

In the city council of Asuncion, a call was opened for mothers who head households in precarious situations. The registration process has been specifically active since March 8, International Women’s Day, and will remain open throughout this month.

The mayor of Asuncion, Luis Fernando Bernal, spoke with La Nacion and explained that the initiative stems from the multiple needs that we see at the city level. “There are problems in the light of day, such as the situation of single mothers in Asuncion, that we cannot ignore,” Bernal said.

“The condition of single mothers is that they cannot achieve economic independence due to the lack of economic and cultural opportunities and freedoms, which is why we spoke with private universities and signed agreements to award 200 full scholarships and 57 half scholarships in different universities so that the mayor of Asuncion said that Mothers who provide for their families can have the opportunity to study and achieve that independence, which is what we are looking for.”

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With regard to the requirements, she explained that although there were a series of points to be taken into account, the invitation was extended to the female citizens of Asuncion in general. “We are calling on citizens and heads of household to encourage them to take this step and in a few more years they can obtain that long-awaited university degree,” Bernal said.

“We’re looking for them to be Asuncion nationals, who graduated from a public school, although it’s not an exclusive requirement either, but we’d prefer them to be mothers who haven’t had the chance for others who’ve graduated from a private school I’ve had.” “We want them to be single mothers, widows, divorcees and heads of household who really need to get these scholarships,” Bernal said.

Those interested must come to the Asuncion City Council and complete a form with their personal data. The idea is that by the end of March, scholarships can already be awarded in view of the fact that the academic year has already begun. The call is for access to any undergraduate career and registration and fees will be fully covered. Each student will bear supplies and materials.

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