La Nación / Jaikuaávo Paraguarí City Tour has begun to promote historical sites

The Paraguayan government is launching an unmissable historical, cultural, heritage and natural tour throughout the province in order to promote its sites. The tour includes a hike through the main hills, temples, inns, and historical places located in the ninth section.

The provincial government, through its Ministry of Tourism, has launched the great city of Toor Jaikuaávo Paraguarí, through which it seeks to publicize all the most important sites in the department so that visitors are fed with the rich history of the place. Working jointly with other authorities and government officials, they present this activity within the framework of Holy Week.

The tour includes a visit to the Jesuit Farm, built in 1862 and initially known as Estancia de la Patria. It had a multicultural presence of black slaves and served as an army command and a prison during the war. This heritage continues to preserve its construction as is.

Likewise, they would have as a visiting point the railroad exstation where the tracks connect and that was an initial place of urban planning for the city to go later to the Plaza de los Azotes Públicos and Reloj del Sol, where at the time of the cuts the Jesuits used that square to punish those who break the law.

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The entire city tour includes the main museums, the hills, and the temple. Image: file.

Cerro Hû Ecological Park, located three kilometers from the city center on the majestic slopes of Cerro Hû, cannot be missed on this fascinating tour. This location is famous for the wonderful nature it offers and you can also perform recreational physical activities. There is also an artificial lake, playgrounds and bird watching.

Another place promoted through this activity was the Great Temple of Paraguar, which originally originated as a chapel on the farm of the Jesuits. It was built as a temple during the government of Don Carlos Antonio López and has sacred images and art carved into the wood.

The Artillery Museum is also a very important site because it houses the largest amount of war materials used during the independence and the war. In Paraguay there are the hills of Perõ, Hû and Santo Tomás, which those who wish to immerse themselves in this great historical adventure will visit.

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