La Nación / Itaipu seeks to promote tourism through entrepreneurship in indigenous communities

Itaipu Binational has received the visit of the Deputy Minister of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIC), Isaac Godoy, as part of a joint business project that seeks to boost tourism through entrepreneurship in indigenous communities located in the Kayan region. They state that the goal is to be able to strengthen and visualize biases.

The director of environmental management at the binational company, Martha Leyva, explained that they have the opportunity to hold meetings at the entity’s headquarters in Asuncion to start joint work with other entities under this project that they are undertaking with MIC authorities. , specifically with the Mipymes sector.

“Mipymes seeks to focus on the Indigenous Communities area because the goal of the Bi-National Coordination Directorate is to be able to reinforce and visualize prejudices in the Itaipu area of ​​influence, promoting their culture and crafts,” Leva said after the meeting.. The meeting was also posted on the entity page.

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Martha Leyva of Itaipu Bilateral Environmental Management Oversight Authority met with MIC’s Deputy Minister for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Isaac Godoy, to agree on the work. Image courtesy.

Although this project was announced recently, it highlights that the promotion of indigenous culture began with the Expo Feria Orígenes, held in Ciudad del Este, last December. The activity was carried out with the situation of the pandemic in mind with the aim of being able to offer a direct sale to artisans, avoiding the middleman, and satisfying an economic need.

For his part, Godoy indicated that they are looking for a way to work with the Itaipu Tourist District, as they have a strategic axis aimed at boosting the tourism and handicraft sectors that have experienced the worst times due to the downturn, the product of the pandemic.

“We are developing some projects in the region, seeking to strengthen strategic alliances, focusing on crafts and tourism, which directly benefit the indigenous people of the region as well as tourism entrepreneurs,” he said. They indicated from Itaipu that they are working on public policies related to tourism that can strengthen the indigenous population.

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