La Nacion / Abdo has appointed two new ambassadors to Russia and the United Nations

The President of the Republic, Mario Abdo Benítez, has appointed a total of five new ambassadors as representatives of Paraguayan diplomatic missions abroad. In this regard, the Executive issued Ordinances 6,803, 6,084, 6,805, 6,806, and 6,807 on that date.

Presidential resolutions provide for the election of Marcello Scapini as a representative before the United Nations Office and other specialized agencies based in Geneva, Switzerland. In addition to Julio Cesar Duarte, ambassador to Portugal. While Victor Alfredo Verdon was chosen by the President as the representative of Paraguay before the Russian Federation and Enrique Luis Incefran before the Dominican Republic.

The list also includes the name of Raúl Antonio Montiel as a representative before the Canadian government. The documents were initialed on Monday and bear the signature of the President of the Republic and National Minister of Foreign Affairs, Euclid Acevedo.

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On the other hand, the election of a representative before the Organization of American States is still pending after the death of Elisa Ruiz Diaz, early last year, and before the rejection of Abdo Benitez’s request from the Senate for approval. Representative Enrique Riera of the Colorado Party.

Representation before Qatar and the agreements in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman and permanent representation before the International Renewable Energy Agency is suspended after the resignation submitted a few days ago by Colorado leader Angel Ramon Parchini, who aspires to struggle for a seat in the Senate in preparation for the upcoming elections.

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