Kyoto Prize Seminar Scholarship Awarded to Six Local Students in the San Diego-Tijuana District

The San Diego-based Symposium Kyoto Prize Scholarship is awarded to students from the San Diego and Tijuana regions, including one representing Chula Vista High School.

Since 2002, the Inamori Foundation has presented awards, and officials joined the latest Kyoto Prize winners in San Diego for a three-day symposium of lectures, presentations, and celebrations. The grants were awarded to three students from San Diego County and three students from Tijuana.

The recipients of the San Diego Kyoto District Prize Scholarships are Sheila Rodriguez, Chula Vista High School; Raj Babari, Classical Academic High School; and Emerson Outgard, Patrick Henry High School. In Baja California, Mexico, the recipients are Raul Carmona, CETYS; Camila Sanchez, Mexico Baja California Institute; and Diego Velasquez, Lazaro Cárdenas Federal High School.

The Kyoto Prize Scholarships, administered through the San Diego Foundation and the International Society Foundation, are awarded to students who have been inspired to pursue undergraduate education in one of the three annual Kyoto Prize categories: advanced technology, basic sciences, or arts and philosophy.

Students received scholarships worth up to $10,000 in the United States and 100,000 pesos in Mexico. Proceeds from the annual symposium contributed to funding the Kyoto Prize Scholarships and related educational opportunities.

When applying for the scholarship, students were asked to identify one of the three 2021 Kyoto Prize laureates and write a short essay describing how the winner’s work inspires their life, studies or career plans. The essays, academic merit, and community service of 170 advanced students were considered before naming the 2022-2023 Kyoto Prize award winners.

The Kyoto Symposium Organization is a San Diego-based non-profit organization established to support the Kyoto Award Symposium and Scholarship Programs in Kyoto with the Inamori Foundation and hosted by the University of California, San Diego, and Point Loma Nazarin University.

Since 2004, the symposium has generated more than $4.3 million in scholarships, fellowships, and other educational opportunities in the San Diego/Baja area.

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