Keys to being able to study English in the United States

Studying English in the United States is one of the life projects of millions of Colombians, especially young ones who seek to learn and master a second language and also learn more about North American culture.

However, this dream can turn into a nightmare if you are not clear about your goals, the program you want to apply to, and what the process is to get to the United States by meeting all the necessary requirements.

According to Global Connection, a leading study abroad consultancy, a student who wants to come to the United States to learn English or apply for another academic program needs to make a checklist of what they need and don’t need. according to your needs.

What should you keep in mind?

-The first thing that should be clear is the requirements for the destination of your choice and to be able to enter the country without any problem.

Second, it is important to know in detail which study program will be undertaken and whether it meets all the academic purposes you have in mind.

For example, it is important to know the dates your course starts, where you should book accommodation close to where you study and to be clear about the flight dates to avoid mishaps.

You have the solvency to make your trip and stay at the destination.

Fourth, seek advice from a reliable service provider in the support, organization and implementation of your program and destination during your travel process.

This last point turns out to be important to ensure a good student experience since there are different requirements which may be the same depending on the state, region or city.

“That’s why, as a study agency with more than 23 years of experience, what we ensure is that these risks are reduced, we do this with support from the start, during and after your academic programme. We consider a student’s profile to see what they want to achieve with their program and whether their Personal meets application requirements or not, in this way we create real expectations,” Lady Rodriguez, Chief Marketing Officer, Global Connection.

On the other hand, it is important to note that Global Connection services are free. “The prices for the programs are the same that the students would find if they applied directly to the school, and on many occasions they will be able to take advantage of the discounts that institutions offer us for being our allies,” Rodríguez explains. .

What study programs are there in the United States and what restrictions are there?

Currently, the US only requires a student who wants to enter this destination to take a PCR or Antigen test 72 hours before the flight and have a full vaccination schedule, along with their visas and papers in order.

Persons carrying out a language program of less than 18 hours per week and for up to 3 months will be able to study on a tourist visa. In addition, students who wish to travel with their family, partner and children can apply for an approved F2 visa.

In this way, the student can take courses of two weeks. However, a minimum of 4 weeks is recommended, with each academic level lasting about 1 month.

Finally, programs that anyone can do in the United States range from a high school program to graduate studies through summer camps and English language courses.

Where can you study in the United States?

The United States is a destination with great potential and destinations to study English for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. In addition, it has cities such as New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orlando Miami, and others. In fact, students who are interested in studying in this country will be able to go to university campuses in these cities.

“One of the benefits for people doing language programs in the United States is the possibility to do so on a university campus. This benefit is offered by ELS, the most important language academy in North America, most of its campuses are located on a university campus, which is an attraction for those who want to live A real academic experience and enjoyment of the facilities of a university in the United States,” Rodriguez concluded.

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