Karush held the first meeting with the Ministry of Education to highlight the role of public universities

Deans with Mineduc authorities. cross

Members of the Council of Deans of Chilean Universities (Croche) met this Thursday for the first time with the authorities of the Ministry of Education (Minidoc), in a meeting in which they sought to highlight the role of public universities in various fields. .

Academic Council members spoke with Minister Marco Antonio Avila, who arrived with Veronica Figueroa, Undersecretary for Higher Education and Head of University Education Thomas Griggs.

The Executive Vice President of the Council, Juan Manuel Zulizzi (University of Santiago), appreciated the willingness of the Minidoc authorities for dialogue and emphasized that “we would like to have a better understanding of our role, which is to advise the government in the formulation of public policies. We believe that based on what has been heard Until now, this role will be understood and hopefully used as well, otherwise it will be lost.”

And on the relationship between the state and universities, Zolzi said, “The state has the right to decide what it will do and how it will do it, but there is likely to be a fruitful dialogue, in terms of getting the greatest cooperation from both parts. Here we are looking for the best sectors to contribute to the country, so no Nobody is excluded here.”

Similarly, alternate Executive Vice President Ignacio Sanchez (Universidad Católica) stated that “in this council there are 30 institutions working on the development of public higher education, in different regions and cities (…) for us, who are a very integral part of Cruch, we It seems very positive that the ministry authorities have appreciated the role of the council and it also seems positive to us that the proposals they gave us made it clear that there is a space for conversation opening up to find arguments and positions.”

With regard to specific issues, at this Cruch session, which took place in the Central House of the University of Chile, the plenary was informed of the progress made by its Commission on Gender Equality, chaired by the President of the University of Essen, Natasha Pino, and Academician Antonia. Santos coordinates.

“We have done a good job and the universities and their teams have given a lot of themselves to install gender policies,” Santos stressed. He emphasized that 80% of the schools that make up the council have a diagnosis of gender gaps and that all institutions have updated protocols and carry out awareness and dissemination work.

In connection with the conflict in Ukraine, at the beginning of March, the Council expressed its solidarity with citizens and, in particular, with the Ukrainian university communities, through a public declaration, asking its Internationalization Committee to prepare a provisional proposal or final inclusion of academics, students, administrative staff and professionals

At Thursday’s session, the proposal was presented for evaluation, which among other initiatives is considering integrating academics in research at the graduate level, internships for undergraduates, Spanish courses for foreigners, and scholarships for students and their families.

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