Jenib Scholarship: New Amount, How to Apply, Benefit and Results of Applications

After the protests that took place in recent weeks, In protest against the reduced monthly amount offered by BAES Junaeb, the government announced that from June of this year, the balance will be increased for all students benefiting.

What is the new amount?

After 9 years, the balance of the Al-Junib card has increased. As of June of this year, the monthly amount for students with this benefit will be $36,800, assuming an increase of $4,800. (15%) against the previous balance of 32,000 pesos.

How to apply for the benefit?

BAES Junaeb is automatically delivered to higher education students who meet the following requirements:

Students who receive free scholarships or finance their education through the State Tariff Credit (CAE).

– which includes decimal classes from 1 to 6, and fives from 1 to 3, according to the social registry of families.

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