ITBA launched with Santander 500 Scholarships for Full Stack Developer Program

Applicants must have residency in the Argentine Republic, complete their secondary education, have a computer, internet connection and headphones, fill out a form and The skill assessment activity that the ITBA will submit after registration closes.

Scholarships come from an analysis of more than 70 companiesWhich revealed that the demand for young people with technical skills is very high and valuable, including roles such as developer, UX designer, data and security specialist.

In addition, it revealed that the most demanded programming skills in the market are Python, Java, SQL, .NET And that the ability to work as a team, to be proactive, to adapt to change and to think critically are those required in the field of simple training.

The program is fully online and lasts 17 weeks. It is considering specific educational paths for young people who have recently graduated from high school and who have not yet decided which profession to study and want to try different subjects; who are studying the degree and want to obtain practical and current skills for Quick entry to the labor market and for those seeking to modernize and activate their professions.

Santander and its Support for Higher Education Santander, the leader in responsible banking, maintains a strong commitment to progress and Inclusive and sustainable growth with a pioneering and consolidated commitment to higher education developed through Santander universities for 25 years. It distinguishes it from other financial entities in the world.

The entity allocated a total of more than 2,000 million euros and awarded more than 630 thousand grants and grants since its launch.

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