It is called Culturex Scholarships for Hispanic Youth (Ministry of Culture)

The Ministry of Culture and Sports announces the Culturex Scholarships, for the Cultural Department of Spanish Youth in Distinguished Cultural Institutions Abroad and in Diplomatic Representation corresponding to 2022.

The aim of the scholarships

Grants for practical training in cultural management in distinguished cultural institutions abroad and in diplomatic representation corresponding to 2022.


Interested persons must meet the following requirements:

  • They have Spanish citizenship.
  • To have an official academic degree from a bachelor’s degree or university degree.
  • To have a master’s or doctorate degree in the fields of cultural management. public
    Obtaining the title of this graduate or paying the title issuance fees must be 2016 or later.
  • Languages. Depending on the institution chosen, the applicant must have certified a minimum of B2, from the official language of the country of destination, by means of an official degree.
  • Not have reached the age of thirty-five at the time of application deadline

Scholarship amount

The monthly amount that will be received for all concepts depends on the destination of the scholarship. For London and Paris, the total monthly amount will be 2,000 euros. For the rest of the European destinations, the total monthly amount will be 1,750 euros. In addition, the Ministry of Culture and Sports will take out accident and primary medical care insurance for each of the scholarship recipients for the duration of the scholarship.


Applications should be submitted exclusively through the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, where it will be necessary to possess the appropriate electronic certificate of the natural person. See other scholarships offered.

Application deadline

Application period will open Until 2:00 PM on April 18, 2022.

more information

Scholarships “CULTUREX” Practical training in cultural management for young Spaniards abroad.

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