Interview with the engineer Sergio Donaire Ramírez, candidate for the Regional Municipality of Mainas – Diario de Noticias y Actualidad de Loreto – Iquitos – Ucayali – Requena – Datem del Marañon – Mariscal Ramon Castilla – Alto Amazonas – Loreto – Maynas

Engineer Sergio Donaire Ramirez, tell us a little bit about your personal and professional coaching?
Hello journalist friend, Good morning, my name is Sergio Antonio Donaire Ramírez, I am agronomist by profession from UNAP, MA from Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, I consider myself a Director General because I hold various public positions such as President of Foncodes and the Regional Directorate of Agriculture, among others .

What does MODA – the decentralized Amazon movement represent to you?
MODA is a new political movement, its symbol is the leaf of the Machimango tree, a strong leafy tree with hard roots, and if it is imposed on the green spaces of our forests, we currently have more than 10 thousand members, and their principles are founded on decentralization in our region, as a fundamental pillar to achieve real sustainable development , with a human face and believes in the power of the people of Loreto.

What are the urgent problems that Minas suffers from as a governorate?
With regard to crime we suggest putting a heavy hand and that the criminal feels the weight of the law, although it is true today that there is a commission on the issue of insecurity, but they meet only for the sake of the image, we will do it. To make all the institutions that have to do with this issue (the Attorney General’s Office, the police, the courts, etc.) really do their job, and as mayor I will demand it very much. Technology is important for this we will create an alert application (application) for all the cell phones of the neighbors, and that this application is connected to the central serenazgo machine and thus works immediately, add to it drones and vigil cameras and we will enhance the organization of the neighborhood, the serenazgos will be well implemented using modern equipment and also with first-aid teams Well trained primary for all occasions, even to support the birth of children, because recently we are witnessing that many mothers are giving birth to sing
In terms of litter, the solution to this problem is to complete the work on the sanitary landfill located on the Iquitos Nauta highway, this project is comprehensive, has a capacity of 320 tons of waste per day, and is intended only for Iquitos. , Belén and Punchana, since San Juan has its own landfill, but I don’t know why they didn’t complete it, there are already two municipal procedures and nothing, what opens there? We promise to demand that this work be terminated. We will fine the bad neighbors who pollute the city and do not respect the garbage collection schedule.
In terms of traffic, we must improve our streets that today seem riddled with holes, we will build a modern station, we will review our favorite streets and neighboring streets,
Similarly, we will make a bypass under the old airport to facilitate transit. Bus stops will not be on the main streets, among other things.

As mayor, what is the first thing you will do or what suggestions will you implement?
One of our great proposals is to give ownership of the human settlements, I’ve already done that, I’ve worked a lot on what is legal physical sanitation for AAHH and now I want to name it and I’m going to do it
We will give small loans to sellers in the market and also the taxes they pay themselves will be reused, especially in social support.

What message can you give to the youth of Loreto?
For young people, we will continue with municipal pre-university schools, but we will decentralize them to each district to give young people greater opportunities, we will run national and international scholarships and we will promote many sports.
We will generate business through the businesses that we will run with the central government and with the municipal budget. We are champions at setting the first stone, but the last stone never comes. We will not continue this bad habit, the work has begun, the work is finished.

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