International Mobility UAM 2022: Requirements for studying abroad

The exchange application is submitted through the Institutional Mobility Program registration system (Photo: Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana)

Independent Metropolitan UniversityUAMShare in the invitation to Domestic and International Mobility for your student community.

Through the General Coordination Portal for Academic Strength and Communication (CGFAyV) they indicated that international movement It has three modes: Face to face, virtual and mixed From July to December 2022.

between the Countries Which you can apply to for student exchange is Germany, SpainBrazil and Colombia PeruAnd FranceItaly, Morocco, Poland, Taiwan and Uruguay, to find out what language level they need go to the link

The registration deadline is March 22, 2022 (Photo: UAM)
The registration deadline is March 22, 2022 (Photo: UAM)

They confirmed in the call that final admission depends on the higher education institution (he is) the recipient, in the same way will be responsible for the exemption of payment of registration and study. Another point that highlights the mobility process is that even if a place to stay is obtained on the go”It does not mean granting a grant By UAM” in order for students to retain their place, they must register for the Spring Semester of 2022.

To know the requirements for obtaining a Mobility Scholarship You should be aware of the UAM page

If places remain available at institutions of higher education after the end of registration, there will be Second selection process For those who did not get a place initially, they can register again in the Institutional Mobility Program as a deadline on the day April 8 Until 11:59 PM

What are the requirements?

* Completed teaching and learning units in the quarter Autumn 21 And to be registered for the winter, except for the Quajimalpa unit.

* Covered at least 50% of the academic credits For the study plan and the percentage determined by the academic division for each degree.

* The average minimum to share 8.

* Students must request at least 3 subjects and Equivalency credits Full-time from the receiving university.

* In the case of the unit zochimilco The content of the subjects must be equivalent to the unit to be approved.

The results of the first operation will be announced on April 6 (Photo: UAM)
The results of the first operation will be announced on April 6 (Photo: UAM)

* Take to format your degree Subject study programs.

* Get A2 level from A A language other than Spanish Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR). If they are non-Spanish-speaking educational institutions, the language requirements they create must be certified.

*Those who have already completed a mobile residency in the UAM program will not be able to register.

* To find out how universities, places and names are received, go to

How do you register?

* Enter the Enterprise Mobility Program registration system, the deadline is March 22 Except for the Quajimalpa unit, which closed on the 18th.

* You must submit a file Mobility request With five foreign options for higher education, which must be authorized by the study coordinator for your degree.

* Leaves It must be downloaded to a file PDF file A maximum of 2 megabytes.

* The List of accepted students You will publish it on the page on the day April 6 2022.

* For those who participate in the second selection process, it will be posted by April 18.

* Results will determine them teachingHe received a state and higher education program.

* Then students are required to send the complete application file by e-mail.

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