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Researchers seeking to contribute to the conservation of protected natural areas have the opportunity to obtain a scholarship and obtain funding for their studies thanks to the Third Scholarship Competition for Priority Research in Natural Spaces organized by the National Service for Natural Protected Areas by the State (Cernanab).

Having determined that the application deadline ends on Sunday, April 24, Sernanp indicated that through this initiative financial support in the total amount of 98,000 will be provided to Peruvian professionals, through a grant, to develop studies from Investigate priority issues Which contribute to the generation of basic technical information for the effective management of protected natural areas and the sustainable use of their natural resources.

The novelty of this year’s competition is the scope of its intervention, which includes all protected natural areas, and offers 10 scholarships in the amount of 50,000 soles (5,000 soles each).

The development of research that expands knowledge about the effects of the January oil spill on the ecosystem and possible solutions to this environmental emergency is also being considered. For this subject, six scholarships in the amount of 30,000 soles (5,000 soles each) will be allocated in the Ancón Reserved Area and the Islets Group of Fishermen in the Guaneras, Islets and Points National Reserve System.

While in the Paracas National Conservation Area, three scholarships in the amount of 18,000 soles (6000 soles each), will be promoted, as an initiative in coordination with the Paracas Fund implemented by Camicia.

This year’s edition deals with the development of 19 investigations for a maximum of 7 months (from May to November) this year. Undergraduate or postgraduate graduates may compete in these initiatives.

The third scholarship competition for priority research in protected natural areas is funded by the GEF Guaneras Trust, the Paracas Fund, the PAN III Project and Sernanp, with support from Profonanpe.

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Publication date: 4/11/2022

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