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Innova Idiomas, an option to prepare Oxford and Cambridge English degrees online

In Spain, top universities such as Complutense of Madrid and University of Barcelona require official English-level degrees for graduation in degrees and masters. Obtaining these certifications opens many doors.

This also happens when you start working in some multinational companies and be able to access certain scholarships or get into Erasmus programmes. for this reason, Many users want to get Oxford certificates and Cambridge that support their language skills within the country and in the world. One of the most common ways to achieve this is to prepare in a company that knows the subject matter, such as Innova Idiomas.

Prepare for Cambridge and Oxford exams

Both qualifications can be prepared 100% OnlineLearning format 24/365. This has resulted in the English Language Academies offering completely virtual preparations with high quality audiovisual content.. In some centers, such as Innova Idiomas, preparations are made through a modern digital platform which, in addition to all the technological features, has the native English teacher, who is responsible for coordinating the work and assisting the students. With mock exams similar to the real assessment.

Likewise, recognition of the best academies Onlineit is necessary to ensure that the study plan and its content Online Incorporating the five basic aspects of language: Ability to listen, read, interact with other classmates, speak and write. All these language areas are evaluated in exams, so it is necessary to address them in depth in order to obtain certification.

Innova Idiomas courses for Cambridge and Oxford degrees

For certifications the company offers a 100% platform Onlinewith courses that include contents that ensure a student is prepared to pass the Cambridge Examinations (Advanced, First, PET) and the Oxford English Test.

Courses Online They have 175 hours of study (140 hours for B1 level) and only need an internet connected device. a program e-learning Supports any device, computer, tablet and mobile. To prepare for Cambridge and Oxford in a OnlineThe Academy offers courses of 3, 6 or 9 months duration to prepare for exams at the following levels: B1 and B2. Courses are 175 hours long and include a supporting teacher number to remove doubts and one hour of class per week. Online Via Microsoft Teams.

Regardless of whether a person’s future is in Spain or abroad, validation at a second language level is always important.

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