In Rio Negro, about 17,000 students receive scholarships from the Progresar . programme

In Río Negro, Progresar de la Nación Scholarships have already been awarded to students between the ages of 16 and 17 They total over 17 thousand, with a monthly disbursement of nearly 87 million per month.

In principle, the expected figure was 11,000 but, In March, 17,033 scholarship holders were paid from the Progresar . Program “To accompany students who have finished primary or secondary school, who are continuing their higher education or have been professionally trained,” as was officially introduced by the nation’s Ministry of Education.

There are variables, but the most general assignment It amounts to 6,400 pesos, taking into account the original grant of 5,400 pesos and an additional 1,000 pesos for connection.

Registration reopened in March, and 17,033 Río Negro residents reached their first month. The 2022 term ends on April 30, and is always designed for “low-income youth Those wishing to complete their studies at the compulsory level and higher education with new amounts and requirements.

Progresar Program Scholarships Details

It is a national program for students between the ages of 18 and 24.which operates through Anses, was extended last year for children under 16 and 17 who attend regularly, and priority, for those who have dropped out of high school in recent years.

The annual period is from March to next February, with quarterly reviews on student regularity, which is essential to maintaining payment. The performance is not evaluated but it maintains its normal condition.

This first registration ends on April 30th, but generally, The nation is then reopened during the year to beneficiaries victims of school dropouts.

Included students are members of a family group With an income of less than three vital and mobile salaries.

Online registration is done through the website of the National Education Ministry ( or the Anses website (

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