In New Mexico this has become a reality in the public institutions of the state

By Mariana Cruzzi

The College And that public universities It will be New Mexico free. Beginning July 1, 2022, young people in the state will be able to study for free at public colleges and universities, community colleges, and tribal colleges, regardless of income or immigration status. L ‘Scholarship Law It provides free access to diplomas, vocational training certificates or degrees for people of any age and social standing. Since school fees are covered by law, the most needy students can use the financial assistance they receive for housing, food, transportation, childcare, and many other expenses.

At Western New Mexico University in Silver City, Governor Michael Logan Grisham signed Senate Act 140, titled The New Mexico Scholarship Act.

new law: New Mexico Scholarships for Opportunities Act

Governor Michelle Logan Grisham I fell at first Senate Bill 140authorized New Mexico Scholarships for Opportunities ActCreate a free college for most Mexicans and create the largest non-scholarship scholarship program in the United States. At a ceremony at Western New Mexico University in Silver City, more than 125 students have already benefited from the scholarship, and the governor signed the new initiative with academics. “For more than a quarter century, New Mexico has been at the forefront of applying nationwideFree higher education for its residents. The full scholarship will now give every New Mexican the opportunity to advance to a higher level of education, strengthening our economy, our families, and our communities,” said Logan Gresham. We are sending a clear signal to the citizens of New Mexico to sign this law. We believe in them and their contributions For their families and for the future of our great country.”

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The program is aimed at students who are pursuing a 2-year higher education course, but is open for the first time to those with 4 years in the program.

Created and initially funded during the 2020 legislature, the initiative has provided $10 million in education and assistance to eligible New Mexico students. Two-year courses At any public or tribal college or university in the state. This year’s law, on the other hand, is with an executive proposal $22 million For full academic assistance up to 30 thousand studentsIt reduces the minimum loan hours required to qualify for a scholarship from 12 to 6. The base also expands scholarships for student assistants. Four years in college and university.$4 million pilot program launched targeting previously excluded students the lottery Scholarship, but one or two semesters left for the degree.

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New Mexico: Free Public Colleges and Universities. “The state made history and set a national precedent”

Senate Bill 140 was sponsored by Senator Liz Stefanix and Representative Joey Karad. It is the only nationally funded scholarship program. Both graduates and returning studentsHello part time studentsProvides and includes relevant professional certificates, diplomas, and degrees. summer courses. In addition to fully funding tuition and expenses at public colleges and universities in the country, the scholarship allows students to Combine federal grants, local grants, and private grantsThey can use the money for books, supplies, housing, food, transportation, childcare, and other expenses related to their education.

“With ‘Scholarship LawAnd New Mexico made history “It is a national example of how countries can break down barriers for students around the world,” said Stephanie Rodriguez, Secretary of State for Higher Education. “This would not have been possible without Governor Lujan Grisham’s guidance, the support of New Mexico students who shared their experiences and pushed for this legislation, and the work of the many state and national partners who helped us become a permanent game-play for all New Mexicans who wish to pursue higher education.”

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